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The Champions League company is a forerunner in digitalization with deep understanding of digital business models, product structures, processes, technologies, tools, and organizational models. Its organization and internal processes have been designed with digitalization in mind. The Champions League company continuously follows international research and identifies relevant benchmarks also outside its own industry when seeking new ways to improve its strategic impact and operational excellence. The Champions League company has also the ability to leverage support from a portfolio of trusted, world-class partners representing different aspects of digitalization. A well-managed network of internal digitalization champions masters the skills needed in identifying, planning, leading, and explaining even the most complex and expansive projects or organizational changes. These champions go on to execute comprehensive digitalization projects, monitor their results, and manage business consequences and dynamics. They have a systematic approach to process improvement with the potential to make a significant impact on company-wide goals and productivity.



The Sports Stars company already has a solid understanding of digitalization: its benefits, challenges, and requirements. The Sports Stars company has defined its digitalization strategy and a continuous process of implementing it. Company also has a systematic, knowledge-based approach for digitalizing and developing its products, services and processes. The Sports Stars company has collected its digitalization champions either into a company-wide expert network (Center of Excellence) or into a centralized corporate function, which has its own role, resources, and responsibilities. Internal digitalization champions maintain and develop their skills by attending (formal or informal) training events, and the company seeks support from like-minded companies by regularly participating in industry events and conferences. They are ready to take charge of even major internal development projects, making the connections between various digitalization concepts and the goals of their organization. They can put different tools into action, find chances to eliminate waste in processes, identify new business models, and glean useful insights from company and product data.



The Fitness Club company has already had some exposure to digitalization. For example, company representatives may have attended training sessions over a day or two, and they have formally recognized roles as digitalization champions inside the company. The Fitness Club company understands the potential of digitalization and has already started to define an overall digitalization strategy, or at least started testing and piloting digital solutions in selected business areas and functions. The Fitness Club company needs still external mentoring and support, but its internal digitalization champions can be assigned to development projects as fully contributing team members or even as managers of limited-scope development projects.



Tomorrow’s Heroes company has just started its digitalization or is still in early phases of the process. Some individual employees have knowledge about challenges, benefits and business potential related to digitalization, but their understanding has not been collected systematically and the company does not have a formal digitalization plan. Digitalization is not yet on the company’s business agenda. Tomorrow’s Heroes company needs external support in defining and implementing its digitalization journey.